Off-Campus Student Housing Complexes

Repainting off-campus student housing is a fast-paced, high-stress situation every year. No one handles the demands better than Einstein's Painting. Thats because we’ve been doing it since 1998. Serving the Harrisonburg and Charlottesville area, we strive to make the students feel like they’re walking into a brand new apartment every year.


Complete Transformation

After several years with multiple tenants, an apartment can begin to show some real signs of wear and tear. As you can imagine, everything from pinholes from hanging pictures to scuff marks on many of the walls can make a great apartment feel dirty and hard to imagine moving into. That's where our team comes in. 


Efficiency and Precision

Within a span of a few weeks, our company comes into hundreds of apartments. We prep and repaint, taking lived-in apartments back to new, ready-to-move-in off-campus housing for thousands of students.