Highland County Historical Center

This historical building in Monterey, VA was to receive a major restoration. It had been used as a schoolhouse, a community center, and a town hall for many years. Needless to say, it was well-used and in need of restoration.



We set forth restoring much of the wood in the building including the ceiling and some of the walls in the main auditorium, most of the doors, trim-work, and stairs. Chon Romero took the lead on this job. First, we began by finishing the newly installed drywall and preparing all surfaces for restoration.



With steady and persistent hands, we sanded, stained, and finished the wood surfaces, returning them to their original beauty. The character this beautiful building had collected over the years now shines through.




The restoration work was not limited to the interior of the building. We refinished the pillars, window sills, soffits, and railings all around the exterior. This building now proudly reflects the history and heritage of Highland County. We are happy to have been involved in this accomplishment.

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